Dutch Bureaucrats (RVO) destroy (old growth) forests with tax-billions

Staatsbosbeheer (SBB) State Forestry Service receives 87 million euro’s of subsidies, and sells it’s wood for comparable amount

In the name of ‘climate protection’ the Dutch Bureaucrats of RVO (Dutch Enterprise Agency, an Orwellian name for ‘tax-directed market manipulation’) destroy our old forests by subsidizing the burning of trees in ‘biomass’-factories with billions of euro’s, Climate Crematoria of companies like Eneco but also the State Forestry Service (SBB).

All trees along roadsides are cleared by the other governmental board Rijkswaterstaat

Billions of subsidies work as incentive to destroy 10-thousands of hectares in the coming years, demonstrating the destructive and parasitic ideology of (neo)liberalism. The Liberal ideology leaves only exploitation and deserts in it’s wake, whether it is ‘bombing Iraq for democracy’ or ‘killing trees for green energy’. The level of cynism and the cultivation of a false image of moral superiority are the same.

The agency for exploitation of the public good, powered by bureaucrats with a false image of moral superiority

RVO has installed bureaucrats for ‘Renewable Energy large scale bioenergy’ meaning ‘forest destruction at unparralleled modern precedent’.

George Orwell was only a few decades of the mark with 1984

And bureaucrats calling themselves ‘change maker’, meaning that they cultivate a false image of moral superiority to justify the destruction of the public good, for a tax-financed Oligarchy. Subsidy-incentives work in 2 destructive ways.

  • They create artificial markets for forest destruction through rewards by tax-money.
  • They inflate woodprices by creating artificial higher demand, thus killing forest tracts that would otherwise been left to itself, maintaining it’s ecological function.

A centuries old Oak-stand, destroyed by subsidy-incentives

The level of cynism involved is demonstrated by the Green Tree-symbol voor living trees degraded to ‘biomass’, to be burned with billions of euro’s of public money.

The level of cynism, klling trees for the climate with a green tree-symbol

With only paper ‘sustainability criteria’ as protection between trees and the greed for billions of euro’s of tax money.

The man doing his job is not responsible, it is the bureaucrats who are to blame

This in order to deliver government targets for the Renewable Energy Directive of the EUSSR, that was established by Club of Rome director Anders Wijkman as special rapporteur to the European Commission (2008/9).

6 billion euro’s of tax money, of which 3 billion euro’s will be directed to wood burning etc

In the spring of 2018 alone, the RVO-bureaucrats promised 6 billion euro’s of tax money for anyone meeting purely political criteria of what ‘green’ energy means. Mostly inefficient ‘renewables’ that destroy the public space and natural areas by their enormous consumption of land area.

‘Forest Maintanance’ 🙂

‘Forest Maintenance’ 🙂 On the area of the Ministry of Defense at Havelterberg, all trees big and small have the orange ‘death’-mark on them

The face of Liberalism predicted by Orwell
Green Ideology is just one face of Liberalism gone mad, a Frontier-ideology that cultivates a false self-image of moral superiority, to mobilize the masses by propaganda in a State-manipulated direction. A permanent Cold War (George Orwell 1945) against the Public Good, Privatizing Public Space, Government and Nature into a profit-machine for the Globalist Olicharchy.


Leaving only deserts and destruction in it’s wake, realising the Orwellian Nightmare with is Ecofascist- and Social Engineering-programme 2030 Agenda. Orwell was right in his predictions of Liberalist State Totalitarianism and it’s permanent need for war.

Whether it is bombing the Libian/Iraqi/Syrian People to Oblivion.

Or ‘Fighting Climate Change’: which means fighting it’s own people with parasitic bureaucracies, heartless government-officials that cultivate a loveless image of ‘humanity’ as ‘cancer to the planet’  (Club of Rome) to justify human exploitation by taxation. T

hose that degrade living trees to ‘biomass’, also degrade living human beings to ‘human resources’, batteries in the Matrix of State Totalitarianism. Directed by Central Executive Officers (CEO) military terms in a civilian context to optimize profit through ‘peacefull’ war-mongering.

Forest destruction for climate protection

The Orwellian practice of killing trees in the name of ‘green’ energy fits in the ‘New’ Holland that has evolved from the Neo-Liberal ’90s. At this moment we even have a Ministry of Climate and a Ministry of Safety. Only the date was 2030, not 1984, the year that Trilateral Commission-member Harlem Gro Brundtland established the neoliberal definition of ‘Sustainability’.

We can only pray to the Creator of Heaven and Earth that those responsible will receive their earned punishment. To Hell with the Devil!

But after 9/11 in The West now a police-state is installed constantly spying us, as Wikileaks and others have continuously shown. So we have to watch our words when speaking critical of The State.


Because as soon as you want to defend yourself against the Totalitarian State, you are labeled a ‘terrorist’. Protestors against State Totalitarianism, whose environment was degraded by energy-industry were already labelled this way.

Now, judge for yourself; who are the real terrorists and criminals here? While taking the pictures, the rain was crying on the lens. It could also have been the tears of this Right Wing Hippie, treehugger of old Oaks and one of the most rare century-old Fraxinus-exelcior stands remaining.

Forest destruction for climate protection by State Forestry Service SBB

Forest destruction for climate protection and nature exploitation

Ages old oaks destroyed for subsidized greed

One of the most rare tracts of century old Faxinus excelsior, on the death list

Old oaks along the roadside are killed, so called for ‘safety regulations’

Climate Crematoria (Biomass Plants)
The slaughter of trees happens everywhere in the country, uniting concerned citizens defending the beauty and worth of their public space, being plundered by the Nihilists of the Liberal parties. Let us hope the Assault will reawaken the citizens of The Netherlands, transformng them from propaganda-manipulated ‘consumers’ to normal human beings protecting The True, The Good and The Beautifull.

With a subsidy-incentive of 43 euro’s per MWh, ten thousands of hectares of forest will be burned in Climate Crematoria

The Facebook-posts are shared well within 24 hours by any people with some humanity and heart left in their chests. Corporate Communication officials will ‘sell’ the Bureacracy’s policy by falsely pitting ‘reason’ against ‘emotion that we understand’. While the only reason behind their policy is greed, and anyone with a Heart knows this.

The slaughter of trees, the posts are shared well on FB

All people who feel anger when faced with lies and injustice, show that they are still Humane. With bureaucrats hiding behind ‘The System’ this condition can be put to question.


Ofcourse, when trees are harvested in a normal way for the use of their excellent wood as resource, this is normal. Although in countries with only 300 thousand hectares of forest, it takes just a few years to ruin what has been built up by more ecological forest enterprise from the ’70s.

What is further in question here, is the degradation of CO2-absorbing living beings, being degraded to ‘biomass’ to be destroyed in Climate Crematoria.  And the perverse incentives by billions of tax money to achieve Soviet-type of ‘Climate Targets’ in 5-yearplans (The Energy Dictate of 2013, costing the Dutch Public 107 Billion euro’s of tax money)

Climate Targets that will not prevent a millionth of a degree of climate warming, but only fill the pockets of a new Climate Oligarchy.

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    1. Artikel is in het Engels en Nederlands beschikbaar. Heel goed dat er een Engelse versie is zodat men in het buitenland ook kennis kan nemen van de verwoesting van Nederland. Ons groen erfgoed !

  1. ik ben het helemaal eens met je visie,we zijn helaas niet politiek correct,maar dat zijn de meeste mensen niet,,die logisch nadenken. CO2 verminderen? Plant meer bomen! Simpele maar zeer effectieve methode,waar ze nu mee bezig zijn is precies het tegenovergestelde,maar volgens voormalig minister kamp,is deze biomassa CO2 neutraal want dat heeft Brussel bepaalt,het is gewoon van de zotte dat dit geaccepteerd word,deze hele bullshit,het word tijd voor een totaal ander systeem waar mens en natuur voorop staan en niet de subsidie graaiclub,want dat is geworden van Nederland 1 grote subsidiegraaiclub met de VVD voorop,aangevoerd door Ed Nijpels en consorten,trouwens met de kap van onze bomen vangen ze 2 vliegen in 1 klap,en een hoop geld en handig voor 5g want dan mogen de bomen niet hoger zijn dan 3 meter anders werkt 5g niet optimaal(en je weet dat 5g noodzakelijk is om ons straks compleet te kunnen controleren,een digitale gevangenis. Mensen die zeggen dat zij niets te verbergen hebben vinden 5 g en de surveillance dan ook helemaal geen probleem(het is voor onze veiligheid toch?) wanneer worden mensen wakker? Maar dan de grootste vraag: hoe gaan we dit aanpakken? Iemand een idee? Graag!

    1. Daarom, deel het bericht ook met je internationale netwerk, en laat de RVO-bureaucraten er beschaamd opstaan. Wij burgers hebben meer macht dan we denken, ALS we maar denken

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