Dutch sciencejournalist arrested for windfarm-‘thoughtcrime’

De afdruk van de handboeien. Handcuffs still visible

 With the charge of threatening a public official with death, Dutch nature/science journalist Rypke Zeilmaker was violently arrested on the 30th of januari by three officers armed with handguns, smacked on the floor in his own house, handcuffed, tugged into a policecar on bare foot (i had not dressed up yet) and locked in prison.

Zeilmaker was released facing a charge, that may lead to 2 years in prison or 20 thousand euro’s of fine, for writing an article on the misuse of public power for private gain by a pro-windfarm-lobbyist in public service of the climate activist-ngo Fossilfree Fryslan. 

I published pe for the Dutch ‘rightwing’ magazine Elsevier on natural history and human nature, pe about the cooperation of environmentalists and multinationals

Ministry of Safety (Ministerie van Veiligheid) cracks down opposition ‘green’ policies
My work – as founding member of the Dutch Climategate.nl- for alternative media unveils how those who are portrayed by mainstream-media as ‘the goodies’ have a dark green side. Under the cloak of ‘green’ politics billions of euro’s of taxmoney are spent on ecologically destructive policies in the name of ‘saving the climate’. For example for windfarm-development in nature areas.

These now legalised crimes against personal freedoms and natural landscapes are committed by people who misuse governmental power for private gain.

At the time of arrest- early in the dark wintermorning I did not know who the person was that I was supposed to have threatened, nor would the officials say. I only knew that my arrest had to do with my writing as sciencejournalist for alternative media, like the own investigative reporting- and photography-website ‘Interessante Tijden’ (The Interesting Times).

Only after being arrested and locked in prison – as if I murdered or raped a person- did I hear who put the charge, what article (of several thousand i wrote in last 10 years) had offended the person involved.

The arrest follows a similar -worse- case in 2019. Here Jan Nieboer, the leader of a civilians-protestgroup Tegenwind (‘Against Wind’) against large scale windfarm-development- a professional in tax accountancy- was arrested at his office by an ‘antiterrorist’-brigade of 9 heavily armed officers. Nieboer was handcuffed and locked in jail for 6 weeks.

He was framed as ‘windfarmterrorist’ by government, and violently arrested, without report of the criminal offenses Nieboer was supposed to have committed.Nieboer and his lawyer are still trying to find out, how the Dutch ‘Ministry of Safety’ (It’s Orwellian name = Ministerie van Veiligheid) came to the charges put against him.

Windfarms are built in Natura 2000-areas for ‘climate protection…

Criminalising opposition ‘green’ policies
Our experiences can be watched on Youtube at Blue Tiger Media. The arrests may follow from attempts by Dutch government on stiffling public opposition to the Dutch ‘Climate Law’, that was adopted on 2 July 2019. The Dutch populist party FvD overwhelmingly won the senate-elections of March 2019 with 12 seats out of 75 for it’s first election ever.

They won, by opposing 500-1000 billion euro’s of adverse climate policies, resulting from the Climate Law. But the Climate Law of establishment-parties like Mark Rutte his globalist VVD (with 12 seats) was hastily adopted by the pre-election senate-members, before FvD-senators could be sworn in

Windfarm-development in the small country of The Netherlands is facing stiffling opposition from more than 100 civilian protestgroups.

Meanwhile, Dutch Government has elevated all windfarm development as policy of ‘national interest’. Thus, it is made immune for legal opposition under a special ‘Crisis Law’. This law was implemented in 2010 to speed up economic development in reaction to the financial crisis of 2008. This ‘Crisis law’ is now made permanent, as an advanced step to dismantle local and regional democracy.

The Dutch Crisis Law makes civilians defenseless to developers who harm their natural landscapes, development that decreases the value of their houses from nearby windfarm-construction.

And Justice for all..’seeking no truth, winning is all’….Warning: do not mix Heavy Metal prose with investigative reporting, or the Ministry of Safety in The Netherlands will violently arrest you and lock you in jail

The Interesting Times
As a nature & sciencejournalist and photographer, I published hundreds of articles for all the Dutch (former) quality-newspapers like NRC Handelsblad (The Dutch ‘Guardian’), the Belgian newspaper De Standaard and opinion-magazine Elsevier. And even for the greenest of leftist greens, Trouw, a former christian newspaper.

The focus of my work for the alternative media-website Interessante Tijden (‘The Interesting Times’) is on the misuse of public power and public money for ecologically adverse climate policies, that serve interests of an oligarchy of public officials and private investors.

The Website Interesting Times: on the dark side of ‘green’ policies

The proposed measures and billions of euro’s of public investments in an ‘energy transition’ wil destroy the last Dutch natural landscapes. For example. large scale windfarms of 89 turbines are erected in birdareas, bordering ‘World Heritage Site’ the Wadden Sea, in an area that on paper is a ‘protected’ Natura 2000-site.

The Dutch government also spends 11 billion euro’s of subsidies for burning forests in biomassplants of the German energygiant RWE. We also expose how local policies are linked to the international 2030 Agenda, that the Dutch government implements.

2030 Agenda: the Dutch government is a staunch supporter of the 2030 Agenda, through the influence of it’s multinationals like Unilever and Bilderberg-homecountry

10 trillion euro’s of climate money before 2030
Dutch (former) Unilever-CEO Paul Polman helped develope the 2030 Agenda- a technocratic map for world government with 17 SDG-goals – as ‘eminent person’ of the United Nations in 2012. In 2015 the Netherlands established a ‘green’ multinational coalition DSGC with Polman’s Unilever, chemical giant DSM and Shell.

Before the formation of the third ‘Liberal’ government under prime minister Mark Rutte-the DSGC wrote that they hoped to cash on the ’10 trillion’ euro’s.

These large sums of money would flow from public-private investments coming from the 2030 Agenda. The euphemism for this public money injections for private gain is ‘Blended Finance’. The widely reported (pe by Breitbart) farmer’s protest- who rode to The Hague with thousands of tractors- also follows from the harmfull policies of 2030 Agenda.

Bankers and ‘green’ ngo’s want to purchase their lands with public money for ‘CO2-compensation’-measures.

Astroturfing for corporate interests
The public official of local government- who arranged my arrest- works for a private foundation (Fryslan Fossilfree), that serves private and financial elite-interests of p.e. the Rabobank. This private foundation thus functions as a form of wat in PR is called ‘Astroturfing’; creating a fake grassroots-movement for corporate interests.

In the article where i am charged with threatening the public official with death (….), I expose how the Dutch Rabobank- as owner of mainstreammedia in the north of the Netherlands (NDC Mediagroup), together with the Dutch leftist Labour Party (PvdA), may profit from the activities of the involved climate activist and public official. For example by selling ‘Green Bonds.’

Forest destruction for climate protection: Dutch Government spends 11 billion euro’s of subsidies to burn trees in biomassplants

While the investigative article contains -in one part- some ‘explicit lyrics’, colourfull prose as in Heavy Metal-music, that was meant to visualize the person’s personal responsibility, this prose was willfully taken out of context to criminalise my intents as an investigator.

Ofcourse, I would not be so stupid to really threaten to take someones life, nor wish to do so. The person involved is unimportant to me, and I do not even know him. At the time of my arrest, I did thus not even know who put the charge of death-threat, other than that I may have called someone an ass***e on Facebook.

I do not need this, as the content of my research is strong enough. This would be ridiculous and selfdestructive for my reputation as researcher and sciencejournalist. The article closes with the notification that the involved activist is an unimportant ‘usefull idiot’ of corporate interests.

The Climate Activists cooperate with the largest mediacorporation of the Northern Netherlands, NDC Mediagrop, owned by Rabobank through FB Oranjewoud and the JM Fund

So the charge is what in de United States would be labelled a ‘thought crime’, by the willfull misrepresentation and interpretaton of my prose. Thus, personal feelings and interpretation lead to arrest of a writer in the former democracy The Netherlands.

If a leftist psychologist Roos Vonk writes ‘I want to smack this rightwing politician on his head’, she is applauded as a hero in the leftist and government sponsored media

In The Netherlands politicians of populist parties like Geert Wilders (PVV) and Thierry Baudet (FvD) are constantly framed as ‘nazi’ by government-sponsored media and leftist’s outlets. They constantly are threatened with violence on twitter and in media, but even real deathtreats against pe Wilders do not lead to the violent arrest that I as journalist experienced.

These same media-tactics were applied to the populist-politician Pim Fortuyn, who was later murdered by an environmentalist in 2003.

Adriaan de Geus of Triodosbank is CEO of Bertelsmann Stiftung

Meanwhile- noticing my arrest- the former quality newspaper NRC Handelsblad factually incorrect portrayed me as a convicted criminal that threatened the official with death. The globalist-leaning mainstreammedia have evolved as ardent supporters of the Dutch goverment’s climate policies.

This may be explained by the control of the media in the hands of a few corporate interests connected to globalists interests.

NRC was bought in 2015 by the Belgian KBC-banker Thomas Leysen. Leysen is a known Bilderberg-visitor and former president of a ‘green’ businessclub ‘The Shift’ in Belgium.

My dog Trudy visits Bertelsmann (Gutersloh DE), owner RTL News (largest commercial channel The Netherlands

The largest commercial network RTL News is in the hands of Bertelsmann. The stocks of this 6th media-empire of the world are in the hands of the Bertelsmann-Stiftung, where the green banker (Triodos Bank) Aart Jan de Geus is the CEO. De Geus is former Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Housing, now serving globalist and banker’s interests who want to cash on CO2 as a commodity.

The Netherlands are leading the world in turning CO2-compensation and ‘Green Bonds’ into a Fiat Currency with Frank Elderson (De Nederlandse Bank) as president of the BIS-bank’s Network for Greening the Financial System.(NGFS) There are more indications that my arrest has both a corporate and political background, that we delve further into.

Frank Elderson (DNB) is aanvoerder

The True, the Good, and The Beautifull versus Climate-satanism
As a christian-anarchist I am not afraid for my life that will end anyway one day, and pray that God protects us against these climate-satanists in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. It is my christian duty to expose their evil workings. If the Dutch government pursues on it’s current anti-christian course I will apply to the Russian Embassy and Vladimir Putin for political asylum.

Russia may also not be a ‘liberal democracy.’

But at least they have adopted their orthodox christian faith again and thus share the values, that the anti-christian Dutch government with it’s false Climatereligion has outlawed under the name of ‘discrimination’. Interessante Tijden is neither affiliated with both ‘the Left’ nor ‘the Right’, but is committed to spiritual values of The True, The Good, and The Beautifull.

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  1. Misschien is het een ongepaste vraag, maar ik ben nieuwsgierig naar je bron van inkomsten. Wordt je financieel ondersteund voor het werk dat je doet voor interessante tijden?

  2. Het is niet ongepast maar wel een hele domme vraag. Je vraagt ‘kun je van lucht leven’? Wat denk je.. Interessante Tijden wordt mogelijk gemaakt door haar lezers, en daarmee ben ik tot ongenoegen van de linkse medemens/aka ‘kwaliteitsjournalisten’ 1 van de weinige schrijvers die van het web kan leven

    En dat is me niet zomaar aan komen waaien. Daar moet je wat voor doen. Afgelopen 10 jaar bijvoorbeeld 3800 artikelen enkel voor 2 webzijdes geschreven, naast boeken, reguliere artikelen,wetenschappelijke artikelen en onderzoeksrapporten

  3. Nederland is het hol vanwaaruit deze ellende ontstaan is, en het zal daarom ook weer vanuit hier opgelost moeten worden. Waar in de VOC tijd hier het de beurs werd geïntroduceerd, wat heeft geleid tot een geldsysteem wat zich zelf blijf opvreten en door nieuwe schulden in leven blijft. Zal ook vanuit de intellectuele kennis die hier is een nieuw systeem bedacht moeten worden.

  4. lachwekkende hoernalistiek mbt “klimaatongeloof” met nu deze twist… en dan die bewoordingen…. echt hè…
    lijkt mij dat het dezelfde kant op gaat met de klimahoax als met de holohoax, bij wet verbieden dat je er anders over denkt ook al ligt het bewijs op tafel, ook wetenschappelijk bewijs verbieden dus…
    ach laten we maar meteen elke wetenschap verbieden… 🙂

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