Declaration of the Free Frisian People: ‘High-Treason by government’

Rather Dead than Slave, the spirit of the Frisians in four words

After the servants of the unelected leader of the provincial government, Arno Brok (VVD, Neo-Liberal Party) faked a ‘bomb-alarm’ in Leeuwarden (Frisia) as an excuse to clear the area around the provincial government-residence of protesters, the revolting farmers, truckers en Frisians moved to the historical hotspot of Frisian Freedom: The Red Klif near Stavoren.

Hundreds of Free Frisians listened to the ‘Declaration of the Free Frisian People’, read by Sjirk, a typical national character who stood above the ‘Rather Dead than Slave’-monument. The Declaration accuses local and regional governmental officials of hightreason to the Frisian People, which is punishable by the Dutch Code of Criminal Procedure, article 97.

Frisian Vikings

The Frisian Freedom
It at The Red Klif near the oldest Frisian city Stavoren, that in 1345 an elite army of the Count of Holland, invading the land of the Frisians was driven back into the sea by a united army of Frisian peasants. Most of the period of the High Middle Ages, the Frisians were divided in clans like in Scotland, fighting eachother.  This time they managed to unite both the Westergo and Eastergo-Frisians to fight of the invaders.

Many of the nobility from The Hague were killed, and their demise at the battlefield of Frisia sent a shockwave through the elite of that day. The Frisians managed to hold their ground and maintain their unique position of self-governance that is historically known as ‘The Frisian Freedom’.

Everywhere you look in Frisia, farmers protest

This meant that the Frisians could choose their own judges out of their own people, and the people united around clans did not pay taxes to foreign counts or bishops. They only felt a loose allegiance to the Emperor far away in Aachen, and were not obliged to do military service in foreign territories. This position of the Frisians as a free people would last until a final assault in 1498, when the government was centralized by the Duke of Saxony.

But the memory and spirit are still in the DNA of the Frisians, who are the oldest people of the Netherlands and the forefathers of all coastal-dwelling Dutchmen. What is now called ‘Holland’ used to be West Frisia, and the Anglo Saxon-world shares the roots of it’s language with the Frisians.

Truckers gathering around the monument

Occupied by Germans since the sixteenth century (House of Orange)
In the sixteenth century Frisia was occupied and divided into ‘provinces’ by a German protestant (…)family. These unelected billionaires living luxury lives with taxpayers money, are now still in charge in our ceremonial democracy with absolutist rule, by the Royal House of Orange and an olicharchy of Ultimate Beneficiary Owners of multinationals and banks.

With members of parliament as their lobbyists, who after their political career are rewarded for their services with a career in their businesses. They make the people of the Netherlands sing as national anthem ‘… am I of German Blood’. We the Frisians have our own national anthem, that was sung twice where we take pride in our land and heritage, in the tradition of 19th century romanticism.

‘Rutte must leave!’

Just like Tony Blair, David Cameron and al those traitors to their peoples, it’s the same in Frisia as it is in the rest of the Western world. Under Mark Rutte, the toyboy of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, the German Dictator Ursula von der Leyen of the Eurosovietunion and her ‘Green Deal’, The Netherlands have slipped into communist tyranny where excessive police violence against peacefull freedom-activists is justified and covered up by their government.

It is not our government, in The Hague. We reject the pathological liar Mark Rutte and everything he represents, this regime of thieves and liars, of child abductors (1700 children were abducted by government, who falsely accused the parents of tax-fraud). And we all know: central bankers are wankers.

Sjirk as performer

Interesting Times
A chill went down the spine of the peoples who could- in this historical moment in modern Frisian times- feel that the spirit of freedom is in the air, and cannot be surpressed by government violence, their lies and their attempts to steal the land of our farmers, and the property of civilans in the name of ‘sustainability’. (communism?

The fight against globalist-fascism has now begun. The Frisian peoples united around a shared vibe, the mentality of ‘Fan Bugjen Frjemd’, a sentence from the National Anthem of the Frisians. (We only bow for the Creator of Heaven and Earth)

It’s not that their government at the local, provincial and national level act irrationaly. Their bureaucratic tyranny of green technocracy is a true product of materialist philosophy. Here reason is used for an intelligently woven web of fake science and powerpolitics, to facilitate their power and their careers.

The gathering of the people

The point is that they – the globalist materialists in our own region- do not have a heart and soul, and thus are eager to put the DNA of Frisia – our farmers, fishermen, our nature and culture- on the chopping block of ‘green’ communism/globalist fascism, as dictated by Climate (Martial) Law, where humans are reduced to the amount of CO2 and nitrogen they are accused of ‘emitting’.

We disagree, we are not a pest species that need control by totalitarian bureaucracy. We Frisians are a Free People.

Even the Frisian National Party (FNP) acts halfhearted at best, being more afraid of their image in the eyes of their contenders, than stand firm for their own people. Because they have lost their heart and soul, they walk along with the traitors of The Hague, the same but only ‘a little less’ to make it feel less painfull or shamefull for themselves.

The Sword of Great Pier, the Frisian freedomfighter

 ‘We did not sign your contract 2030 Agenda’
Why distance yourself from the protesters so eagerly, if the same eagerness could have been demonstrated to reject the Rutte-tyranny, Mark Rutte, toyboy of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. (WEF) It was in the ‘Declaration of the Frisian People’ that the 2030 Agenda was rejected, the Agenda of the 17 ‘Global Goals’ around SDG 13 ‘Climate Action’.

We, the Frisian People have never been asked to agree with this agenda of theft and state agression in the name of ‘saving the planet’ of the globalist-elite. Local Government has never asked our permission to execute this agenda of state violence and collectivism, the concentration of land and resources in the hands of an unaccountable bureacracy.

Rather dead than slave

We never signed the contract with the World Economic Forum, nor with the United Nations. It is therefore that we accuse Arno Brok and all the members of the provincial parliament of highttreason, which is punishable by law under article 97 of the Dutch Code of Criminal Procedure.

We will not comply

The Declaration of the Frisian People ends stating:

The Free Frision People is slave to noone, and the Free Frisian People has the complete ownership over it’s own community and spirit, and everything dat resides on it’s territories, the land of Free Frisia where our people have lived and worked for over two thousand years.


Let us also inspire the youth te take pride in their heritage

Amen to that, let al free peoples in the world and ethnicities rise up against corporate fascism and it’s materialist-technocratic philosophy that degrades mankind to a CO2-emitting pest species, that should not have been born. To hell with the devil. Destroy the klimazi’s, and embrace the True, The Good and The Beautifull.

7 Replies to “Declaration of the Free Frisian People: ‘High-Treason by government’”

  1. Als vrijgevochten Randstadjongen vind ik dit artikel heel inspirerend. Je zou bijna denken, dat ik ook een Fries ben. Oh, wacht even… Er stroomt inderdaad ook Fries bloed door mijn aderen, begrijp ik nu!

    Destijds volgde ik met een clubje ‘Hollanders’ een opleiding tot zeilinstructeur in Woudsend. Heel gezellig. Te gezellig? Niet een van ons slaagde voor dat Friese diploma. Maar het jaar daarop ging het al een stuk beter. Toen slaagde er eentje! Ook weer heel gezellig. Vooral toch ook goede herinneringen.

    Nu vraag ik mij af, hebben die fanatieke Friese examinatoren niet ook een beetje historische tradities in ere willen houden tegenover die Hollanders? Hmmm…

    Ook zonder dat brevet was die opleiding best wel nuttig. Ik leerde er bij voorbeeld hoe je met een BM achteruit kunt zeilen! De de sfeer tussen de Friezen en ons bleef prima. De zelf bereidde Beerenburg met kruiden en al in een glazen pot op de toog van het cafe droeg daar ook aan bij natuurlijk.

    1. De Friezen zijn stamvaders van de Nederlandse kustvolken, en daarnaast zijn natuurlijk alle (nazaten van) gemigreerde Friezen (Friezen om utens) rechtmatig van Frya’s Bloet, dus het is goed mogelijk dat de boodschap daarom bij je resoneert, zie ook mijn Meisterwerk

  2. De een hoort bij de ene groep, een ander bij een ander partijtje, een derde voelt zich elders thuis. Al die groepen, vroeg of laat staan ze met gebalde vuisten tegenover elkaar.
    Hoor nergens bij, dan hoor je overal bij en komt er eindelijk vrede.

    1. Nou ja, laten we het ook niet overdrijven, het had ook wel wat van een cabaretvoorstelling, maar dat is niet erg: het gaat er om dat we er plezier uit halen en energie, ons Fries zijn en dat we geen nsb’ers zijn zoals de FNP-subsidiefriezen

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